Boschian Gyre 2.0

It’s too late in the day for me to be seeing crap like this. Tristan, do you have anything to say about Thomas Friedman appropriating Bosch to illustrate his world view?

Forthcoming from Farrar, Blah and Blah in September

I will say I can relate to this goon in one respect: when I’m trying to sell a new joke I really dig, I’ll be foisting that bit onto heads from here to Huge Phils until everyone “appeases” and starts thinking that “Not Yet” is best punchline since sliced. Well this Friedman cat (no relation to Trish), really won’t give way on this whole flat world flat land flat thing. I honestly hate it! It’s the worst coinage since Charles I of Spain!


One Response to “Boschian Gyre 2.0”

  1. TpDub Says:

    There’s a good “not yet” joke in The Dark Nite

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