What the Hell?!

First this:

Meet Dave

And now, this (from The New Yorker)

GWINN: It’s called “Fat Guy Stuck in Internet.” John plays the main character who is a computer programmer who spills beer on the computer and gets sucked into the Internet. And I play a bounty hunter sent after him to stop him. Gemberling gets into adventures trying to save the Internet, and an evil C.E.O. has hired me to stop him. And Ryan directs it all. He takes the scripts, the visuals, and everything and makes it all look wonderful.

Someone must have bugged the rum shack, and I’m sure it wasn’t the brain spider.


2 Responses to “What the Hell?!”

  1. Tat Mall Says:

    They’re onto you Wasteborg… perhaps you hadn’t noticed notices for the forthcoming film *My Best Friend’s Girl* (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1046163)

    Featuring some you chap by the actual name Dillingham.

  2. Teal, unreal « Doom Spirals Says:

    […] As part of the ongoing series entitled Great Artists Steal, Steal From Great Artists, I present to you the […]

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