In the background

All day at work I had this picture up in the background. First by accident, then I purposely avoided closing the “window”. I had to find pictures of [etc.] for a report on [etc.] and somehow accidentally found this friendly woman. I have the thought sometimes that if the landscape of Washington, DC (where I live) held a massive geological feature — one that dwarfed the human scale — then our fine elected leaders would make even finer decisions. Initially I pictured a soaring, snow-capped Mt Fiji that rendered the capitol dome and the WashMonument diminutive, but I’ll take an epic & enticingHonduran valley too. I can picture Senator Pobbits (R-PA) glancing out from his 2nd floor office in the Dirksen building and being held captivate by the majesty and terror of pure natural wonder. “Diane,” he’d say to his female secretary whilst staring out over the two kilometer basin of a thundering waterfall, “tell me again why we support H.R 2467…”  Oh Pobbits, dear Boon, how far you have fallen.

As a start maybe the city could even consider directing one-tenth of its fascist, freedom-sucking city scheme toward the Potomac instead of the all the focal-point-traffic-circle anonymous bronzed horsemen. Am I a soft boner to wonder why there is no access to the river? Don’t even tycoons wonder why they’re not allowed to make 80 million pesos selling me pad thai and curly-fried beer on the waterfront?


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