George Colville

From the dedication of George Colville’s 1556 translation of The Consolation of Philosophy and, coincidentally, this weblog, too:

“And gentle readers… consyder that my onely purpose was nether for prayse of men, nor for any reward, but to contente the myndes of the wise, and to instructe the ignoraunt vnlearned people with the holesome doctryne of Philosophye, or wysedome, that is conteyned in this boke, and soo to cause men to cesse, and leue of and gape no more soo gredylye as they do for worldlye and transytorye thynges, but to ensue and folowe vertue in godly lyuynge, and fynallye to ascende from this lyfe actyfe in thys worlde, vnto the lyfe contemplatyfe whych neuer shal fayle…”

from H.R. Patch’s The Traditions of Boethius (1935)


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