Teal, unreal

As part of the ongoing series entitled Great Artists Steal, Steal From Great Artists, I present to you the below.














Now, it is well documented that My Mind rolls deep in teal Members Only jackets (cf. Ratso Ranzetti in “Tip Top Cop”, Boon Pobbits in “Vicki Samples Boon Pobbits”, Lindsey/Nate/Houtan/Matt/Firehouse all of 2008). So it was only reasonable to suppose that someone would soon feel the need to “jack” the style — and certainly it was even more reasonable suppose that person would be Fergie. (I needn’t mention that this fashion item is featured in the section of InTouch Magazine called Steal That Style!)


One Response to “Teal, unreal”

  1. doomspirals Says:

    Not to mention that the $145 jacket is for sale on Shopbop.com — I’ll give you $5 if you think that if I made an online shopping store it *wouldn’t* be called Shop Bop.

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