I’ve already told you goons to put your nose in Alasdair Gray’s LANARK at your earliest convenience, but as that wee bookie is not so wee and we’ve all got other fishes to smoke with our brains, might I suggest another, speedier read by the same author: POOR THINGS. I find my man Alasdair shares a number of stylistic similarities to one M. Vaise, not limited to archaic prose style and judicious application of grotesque surrealism, as well as illustrations both figurative and literal. I will not go so far as to say your minds will be BLOWN, but Mr. Gray addresses the “How do we get off of the snake?/How do we get out of hell?” conundrum rather more directly and more vigorously than any other author that comes to my mind. . . Perhaps I am so enthused because his literary conclusions are so much like my own. . . BE THAT AS IT MAY, me so recommend.


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