Some of yr Beeswax

Last week on a weblog I read:

“Researchers have found evidence of a 3,000 year old beekeeping operation in northern Israel. The apiary, consisting of somewhere between 75 and 200 beehives, contains the oldest human-made beehives ever found.”

Oh snap, me thought. The blurb reported that ScienceNews reported:

“[Hebrew University archaeologist Amihai] Mazar’s team has so far uncovered 25 cylindrical containers for bees in a structure that is centrally located in the ancient city at Tel Rehov. High brick walls surrounded the apiary. Beehives sat in three parallel rows, each containing at least three tiers. Each beehive measured 80 centimeters long and about 40 centimeters wide.”

Double snap, me thought. This is the excavation site where I labored in 2000, and Amihai Mazar was my scholar-boss.

I brought a picture of myself at Tel Rehov to work to scan in to post here, but I got caught up in trying to photoshop Lerner Hall’z head into the shot and eventually gave up in failure.

I suppose it’s a good thing Trish considered me an incarnation of beezelbub, otherwise Tritone might be an Iron Age Beekeeper in 2008.


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