I’ve had Hardt & Negri on my list of “probably should get to that at some point” but I have yet to summon particular enthusiasm for their tomes – I get the impression that they are a bit, em, verbose, a stylistic camp that I am known to hammer my own florid tent stakes in, but theirs seems to be a bloodless prose, the alienated Continental drift of theorists who aren’t quite sure what they are endeavoring to arrive at precisely… But it is this same trait that keeps them on my list, as I think they are trying to arrive at the same formulation that I, in my lazier, nothing-to-show-for-it way, am also gunnin’ for, which is a coherent, pratical praxis towards the abolition of this Order of Things that I find so abhorrent aka you me we us together hopping off that goddamn snake. There is an interview with Michael Hardt here, where he talks about his third collaboration with Antonio Negri, the development and refinement of their positions, and his conception of the shape of things in the prismatic light of mebbe-so impending economic “doom”. Actual doom has already smothered much of the earth, it being the vast nexus of shadows cast by the castles in the clouds forged by the “boom”. Boooom.

Doomboom AKA Moodroom is still going to be one of our 7-inch titles, ya?


One Response to “Commonwelf”

  1. Maxury Muxury Says:


    “Part of the challenge is to recognize how multiplicity and the common are not only compatible, but also mutually necessary, rather than being conflictive. Because normally one thinks of unity and difference as being alternatives; you either have one or the other. Whereas we think that commonality and multiplicity are philosophically complementary.”

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