“this is the farewell kiss, you dog!”

When I, like fifteen hundred others, sit down in 2025 to write the story of Bush’s reign in the mode of a Greek tragedy, remind me to include yesterday’s shoe-throwing incident as a central scene to give the era some of its color.  To a new level, the whole incident effectively cut out the middle man in the news cycle and works the meta-stacking dolls-echo chamber to a new level. The news conference isthe news event and then (the crucial part) takes questions and offers comments on itself (i.e. becomes a news conference about itself (i.e. a news conference)) and then doubles back to offers meta-commentary on the propaganda aspect of showmanship at news conferences and how news spreads. In general, Bush does such a good job propping up the fourth wall that in some ways this might have cracked his psyche. (I also like how he’s like, “I don’t know what that guy’s cause is”… take a wiiiiilllld guess dude!

Video evidence.


One Response to ““this is the farewell kiss, you dog!””

  1. T Azeez Luthfullah Says:

    This is the biggest event of the century. It is the toughest slap on the face of ugly Americans all those who think, act and fool like George w Bush.
    There is a lesson here to Obama too!!

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