Words: stranger than fiction!

Of “reality’s” ongoing joke of naming things with a strange wink, a new–possibly emo–entry has come to light.

Former entries include: *That the most infamous military cover-up of the Vietnam War is known as My Lai (and that the middle name of the only man found guilty for the massacre–whose life sentence in prison was subsequently reduced to 3.5 years under house arrest–is Laws). *That following a utilities consiracy orchestrated by Enron which crippled the state of California and precipitated an obscure electoral procedure called a “Recall”, the sitting governor was challenged by an Austrian-born muscle-man who famously starred in a movie called Total Recall.

Well now we learn that the intricate tissue complex that helps regulate the rhythm of the human heart is known as the Bundle of His. Yes, woe is the heart of man, that bungling bundle of sorrow!

[To lend a shading of the struggle found in the breast of man, the OED also notes: bundle (slang) a fight or scrap. As in: “If there was going to be a bundle, he was not going to be bashed sitting down” -James Curtis The Gilt Kid (1936). To lend a shading of the tragedic irony found in the breast of man, Dr. Wiki notes: “James Curtis died in North London after suffering a heart attack in a chemist shop” (1977).]


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