Brain Science and the Grail of Money

This is the last section of this NYT article about Dr. Joseph Biderman, an huge asshole who also appears in this NYRB article (if only I had a Harper’s link!) – I have nothing particularly to add to the discussion, rather I simply continue to marvel at the audacious mendacity of pricks of this nature, and wonder when oh when there will be some effort to rein in this flavor of monstrous corruption in our craven lil’ culture. What fiendishness! Utilizing utterly biased research, these wild eyed motherfuckers claiming to be scientists fabricate a medical consensus prescribing expensive pills for everyone (infants on up) with an Attitude Problem, thereby placing tremendous financial, sociological, psychological strain on vast segments of the subject population as they spend years and years and thousands and thousands worrying about Fixing their bad brains, which are probably not bad at all, and which might to the benefit of all be better engaged examining and critiquing this world of bullshit. Not that I’m a raving crank or anything.

In a contentious Feb. 26 deposition between Dr. Biederman and lawyers for the states, he was asked what rank he held at Harvard. “Full professor,” he answered. “What’s after that?” asked a lawyer, Fletch Trammell. “God,” Dr. Biederman responded. “Did you say God?” Mr. Trammell asked. “Yeah,” Dr. Biederman said.


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