Das Randy Dandy; Da Durnan HisSelf

Of the lyric poet Sappho, who hailed from Lesbos in the time of Solon, Harry E. Barnes writes:

Though only a few of her poems are extant we get from them an impression of the purest lyric ecstasy. It is as though her words were “tipped with fire.” We have here the clearest and simplest communication of personal passion in language of exquisite simplicity and grace, with a poignancy and an insight never excelled. One or two examples must convey a suggestion of this simple beauty. A girl who failed to get married is compared to an apple that ripens out of reach—“Like an apple that ripens on the tip of the bough, yes on the very tip—for the gatherers had forgotten it; no they had not forgotten it but they were unable to reach it.”


Da Durnan, rapt & transported by the scent of an rose;

poolside, American Embassy in Cairo, c. 1846


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