Cemetary Grates

Two weekends ago Taner & I ran across this advice column query in the Post (which was answered soberly).

DEAR AMY: We buried my father 10 years ago in a part of the cemetery that used to be quiet and secluded. Now, to one side of our plot, the surviving pot-smoking members of some woman’s cancer support group gather there regularly.

On the other side, every relative of a Chinese lady has to burn incense, paper money and mini firecrackers.

In front of our plot, a metal band plays a CD that could be called “Wake the Dead” in memory of its former drummer.

Behind our plot lies an old Scottish man, whose clan blasts bagpipes in his honor.

My mother’s asthma is triggered by smoke and flowers; my migraines are triggered by noise.

What can we do to prevent this? — Pain at the Cemetery


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