More Vaise IRL

An interview with one of them “Coming Insurrection”/”Invisible Committe”/”Tarnac 9” neo-situ dudes:

Q. How are you spending your time?

A. Very well, thank you. Chin-ups, jogging and reading.

Q. Can you recall the circumstances of your arrest for us?

A. A gang of youths, hooded and armed to the teeth, broke into our house. They threatened us, handcuffed us, and took us away, after having broken everything to pieces. They first took us into very fast cars capable of moving at more than 170 kilometers an hour on the highways. In their conversations, the name of a certain Mr Marion (former leader of the anti-terrorist police) came up often. His virile exploits amused them very much, such as the time he slapped one of his colleagues in the face, in good spirits and at a going-away party. They sequestered us for four days in one of their “people’s prisons,” where they stunned us with questions in which absurdity competed with obscenity.

Q. You come from a very well-to-do background, which oriented you in another direction. . .

A. “There are plebes in all classes.” (Hegel).

Q. Why Tarnac?

A. Go there, you will understand. If you don’t, no one could explain it to you, I fear.

Q. Do you define yourself as an intellectual? A philosopher?

A. Philosophy was born like chatty grief from original wisdom. Plato already heard the words of Heraclitus as if they had escaped from a bygone world. In the era of diffused intellectuality, one can’t see what “the intellectual” might make specific, unless it is the expanse of the gap that separates the faculty of thinking from the aptitude for living. Intellectual and philosopher are, in truth, sad titles. But for whom exactly is it necessary to define oneself?

: P


One Response to “More Vaise IRL”

  1. Meka Leka Hi Says:

    There was no clear evidence, so there was no solid case and they shouldn’t have held him so long. However:

    After reading the full interview multiple times, I must ask: What do you feel in your heart of hearts about this guy’s guilt? I personally find his total lack of interest in giving a DIRECT denial to the accusation of hanging the hooks suspicious (granted, I’ve only read this interview…But I get the feeling he is always quite wordy and tangential).

    “Revolution”-wise, he certainly talks some talk, but does he actually walk any walk? It doesn’t sound like living in Tarnac with 9 other people would be fufilling enough for a guy with such big ideas.

    Link my blog spiral plz.

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