Sun Ra / Moon Rock

When it gets to be this time of the week during this time of the year my heartspot can’t help but be lured by dock talk, moon rock, and apple-scented smoke. It’s all green flag to me. These sweet friends know what I’m talking about, day & night.

DAY: Tiny Dancers AKA Dock Frolickers. When you’re really feeling it, there’s only one way to get to the dock.

NIGHT: Moonmusic. Give it a moment; the vibes will carry you to lunar spheres.

NIGHT: Moonrock. Nocturnal hand drumming and lit incense in the headstock is not just for pot luck dub parties anymore. Or is it…? (p.s. who were the strangoids who traded us homemade entrepreneurial incense packets for electrical outlets? Think I missed that episode…) 


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