Fave Trax: Don’t Go Home With Your Hard-On


Ladies and gentlemen, Sasha Frere-Jones:

An unadorned style has served Cohen’s albums best, the voice clean and clearly audible. In 1977, for the album “Death of a Ladies’ Man,” Cohen’s uneasy collaboration with the producer Phil Spector—who excluded him from the final mixing sessions—resulted in a dreadful mix of pop, country, and some weird variant of disco. (Cohen later called it “grotesque.”)

I can only assume that “weird variant of disco” refers to this song. A turd for the argument.


One Response to “Fave Trax: Don’t Go Home With Your Hard-On”

  1. Marco Says:

    Oops! Blooper opinion, Ms. Frere-Jones. “Death of a Ladies’ Man” is arguably the [superlative accolades]. I say arguably, because I will argue this point with your face next time I run into it & your laptop in Panera.

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