Yesterday was good day for venality, today is yet another good day for “sovereign authority“. Scott Horton continues to beat the drum for the rule of law, but I wonder at what point the corruption, short-sightedness, self-interest, laziness, mendacity, etc of our system of government becomes so pervasive, pernicious, and inescapable, that ethical, reasonable, and by no means radical thinkers such as Horton begin to abandon the exhausting and humiliating process of petitioning the government for redress & reform and turn their efforts towards… well, I realize calling for something like “the construction of new systems of living and organization within interstitial spaces between participation in regimented society/government & complete secession from the world” is problematic/goofy and left to academics and marginal nutbags likes myself, but WTF are we supposed to do. As the Obama Justice Department busily covers up the Bush Justice Department’s evident complicity in the coverup of possible murders of prisoners by intelligence officers at a black site in the bowels of Guantanamo, and as Congress remains the playground of petulant bullies and pathetic weiners who fork over their lunch money even before they’re threatened with a beating (which they in fact deserve), and as the Supreme Court torpedoes any illusion that this nation’s government is well-constructed system of checks and balances that ultimately preserves & protects its people, is anybody serious still going to tell me that I should keep voting for a change, or ask these people to pretty please pay some attention to my interests a few million more times because they really want to help but need to wait for the right political moment? GTFO OMG.


One Response to “GUVMINT, AMIRITE?”

  1. Matthew Says:

    No. It’s surprising anyone ever seriously told you to do that in the first place.

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