NYT’s been doggin’ our mates ‘cross the pond re: their filthy drinking habits in a couple of articles recently – Quote from a bartender in an AP story they ran about shatterproof pint glasses:

”One time there was a big fight and 50 pints were smashed in one minute,” she said. ”One man smashed a glass over another one’s head. One person’s eye was popping out. It was a bloodbath. There was glass raining. People were hiding behind the counter.”

That’s what they call taking the piss, n’est-ce pas? Entertain the notion of a droll plebe, M. Journalist!

I did enjoy an earlier article about the “scourge” of neds gettin’ loose on Buckfast Tonic Wine. It sounds like an exquisite beverage that I need.

The scourge in action :


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