Connect 2 Dots

Because Doomspirals Brown alluded to the DAZZLE of MODERNITY…:

If modern life is indeed so suffused with the sense of the fleeting, the ephemeral, the fragmentary, and the contingent, then a number of profound consequences follow. To begin with, modernity can have no respect for its own past, let alone that of any pre-modern social order. The transitoriness of things makes it difficult to preserve any sense of historical continuity. If there is any meaning to history, then that meaning has to be discovered and defined from within the maelstrom of change, a maelstrom that affects the terms of discussion as well as whatever it is that is being discussed. Modernity, therefore, not only entails a ruthless break with any or all preceding historical conditions, but is characterized by a never-ending process of internal ruptures and fragmentations within itself.

Jah pull this quote from David Harvey’s great book with a weird cover, The Condition of Postmodernity, because him just found out that Mr. Harvey has an new 13-part series of online lectures in which he explains everything you ever wanted to know from your internet about Marx’s Capital. I’ll downlow it to my gadget and give you a full report next time we have nothing better to talk about.


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