…and look good doing it.

Shoes aren’t even scuffed.


One Response to “…and look good doing it.”

  1. workingmommy2012 Says:


    We cannot underextumate how tragical this koo of the government of the people in the country is for to help us for our BASE to keep our soldiers winning the war that protekts our world for FREEDOM of what they do to fight them to keep us safe for everyone!!!!!!!!! gET IT?

    Does any-one want to start an campaign to send money to the Hussein Obama regime to help keep OUR BASE open in this importent land?! CRAZY-I KNOW BUT IT’S SOOOOO IMPORTANT for OUR COUNTRY!!!!!! TRY TO SAVE SOME MONEY! Come on people, SAVE A LITTLE here and a little there!!!! Email me your ideas!!!!!!

    I’m keeping the kids home from school today to PRAY about this and have a bake sale. SRYSLY PEOPLE!!! Get off you butts and do somethign to help our BASE and SOLDIERS in that geopgraphical area of the world to do the job that they are doing!!!!!

    -workingmommy2012 AKA Acai Queen – Check out my MLM BLOG – HUGE RETURNS WORK FROM HOME

    Proud mommybear of 4 bear cubs, Paxton age3…Hunter age 4….Jared age 7 ….and Bill…….age 40. 😉

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