LoL Creme

Sometimes people inadvertently bury a “time capsule joke”—a joke that doesn’t have any meaning until it’s dug up decades later. Case in point: the vocalist/multi-instrumentalist dude for 1970s smooth soft-rockers 10cc (most famous for their summer-breeze-after-a-divorce-style-jam “I’m Not in Love“—which for my smooth dollar sounds to be yacht rock cousins with Hall & Oates’ “Nothing at All“.)

As demonstrated below in the annotated snippet from 10cc’s allmusic profile, 10cc’s band name is derived from “the metric total of semen ejaculated by the average male”. And what happens to be the name of one of the band’s singer/song-writers? LoL Creme. A fake named developed before the advent of the internet, it’s abbreviations, or jokes about internet abbreviations. Truly a visionary joke.


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