Deep Cut

At the risk of eliciting more boos & snores from Mr. Strugar, Esq., I’d like to post another tune that hails from the fusty recesses of music history (i.e. prior to W.J. Clinton’s first term, Strugar’s avowed cut-off point) as part of a new doomspirals series: “Best R&B/Soul Song of All Time of the Month”. ((j/k Strugar! You = 1/5 of our readership — would never step on yr toes! — p.s. call me sometime!))

OK, heavy business.

Best R&B/Soul Song of All Time of the Month: Alice Clark “I Keep it Hid”.

Alice Clark had a short recording career in the late 60s / early 70s, producing only one album, the self-titled “Alice Clark” (1971).

Her voice is a powerful vehicle, with shades of Aretha (minus the lisp), tho less authorial & guarded, more vulnerable & pleading. What totally crushes on this track is the way the verse builds to the edge of the chorus, which then bursts forth in a half-time burn. And each returning chorus hits harder. Her performance totally slays.

[Thanks to Classic & Rare Soul Sisters for the download]


2 Responses to “Deep Cut”

  1. matthew Says:


    No, but seriously, I like the flurry of activity on here recently.

    Did you see this NYT article? The last paragraph of the first page made me think “How has this not made it on Doom Spirals yet?”

  2. Song of the Day: Alice Clark, “I Keep It Hid” « zerode – a sensibility Says:

    […] Deep Cut « Doom Spirals […]

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