The Green Line

Glenn Beck & Sarah Palin are hosting an MLK event on the Mall this weekend. Whatever. Al Sharpton is hosting a counter-rally. Whatever.

We should probably take the occasion to turn to Lil Wayne for commentary and remind ourselves what he thinks about Sharpton (@ 6:45) and Palin (@ :20) in these two not very high at all monologues.

And the verdict? Him does not care much for Sharpton! (“You are no MLK, you are no Jesse Jackson, you are nobody… to me. You’re just another Don King… with a perm. Just a little more political… and that just means you a little un-human”) And Palin? “Don’t she blow the flute or something?”


One Response to “The Green Line”

  1. doomspirals Says:

    BTW: The Lil Wayne sample comes from this Nina Simone song

    (well, from the studio version, doi)

    The sound of Wayne & Palin’s duet on the flute… I believe that is original material…

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