Newer Adam Curtis (“The Century of the Self”, etc) piece, which Wikipedia tells me was originally exhibited as part of a larger theater/performance jam about the CIA mindphreakin’ ya, or something!

Less a tightly argued essay like his other films (or Debord’s film version of “Society of the Spectacle”, which it superficially resembles) than… something else. No narration, little text, lots of pop music. Indulge me as I say that in this way the film explores some of the same psychic terrain as “classic” Kenneth Anger: pop music as an expression of the inchoate nightmares of the American zeitgeist. I don’t think Anger would ever characterize his work in those terms, but aren’t subjective interpretations of art what unread blogs are for?

It’s on some weird site hosting a Russian YouTube of the thing; don’t know how long it will be up before disappearing into the aether again.


One Response to “IT FELT LIKE A KISS”

  1. doomspirals Says:

    I like this.

    – Max Mux

    Posted from my ipod

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