The Life Aquatic w/ Eric Naiman

Critics gone wyld. From an review of an new Nabokov book penned by some ponce called Eric Naiman:

[Nabokov] mocked and celebrated… elephantine pedantry… in his novel Pale Fire, which is composed of a 999-line poem by an imaginary poet, John Shade, and a textual apparatus written by a crazed scholar, Kinbote…. Like most recent critics, Naiman belongs to the Kinbote school…. Every time Nabokov uses the words “associate” or “banal” in Bend Sinister, Naiman finds in them “ass” and “anal”, the clues to a homosexual sub-theme of the book. Every time in Lolita a word appears with “con” in it, from “constructed” through “connûmes” to “Conrad”, it contains a sexual equivocation on the French con…. In Pnin, a professor called Konstantin Chateau illicitly harbours not only con, of course, but also chat, and therefore pussy—a key to “Pnin‘s theme of aquatic pussy”.

What. Lit Crit.


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