Eye, Heart

In an NYT article on Imbaba that discusses the retreat of religion in youth politics, Anthony Shadid remarks on a few seeming incongruities in Egypt’s religious culture:

Egypt is deeply devout, and imposing labels often does more to confuse than illuminate. Amal Salih, who joined the protests against her parents’ wishes, dons an orange scarf over her head but calls herself secular. “Egypt is religious, regrettably,” she said. Mr. Mitwalli wears a beard but calls himself liberal, “within the confines of religion.” A driver, Osama Ramadan, despises the Muslim Brotherhood but has jury-rigged his car to blare a prayer when he turns on the ignition.

I think the example he’s searching for is at a shop down the block from Neil’s apartment that advertises two bumper stickers side-by-side in the storefront:



I guess this is my way of telling Neil that there’s now an “I heart boxed wine” sticker on the new speaker system.


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