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Doomspirals Foreign Bureau is again reporting from Egypt, covering the parliamentary elections in Alexandria. Today is our first day off in two weeks and we meant to write about politics & revolutions & such things, but then we remembered that it’s Thanksgiving Weekend back home and no one wants to read that thick stuff. Better idea: let’s take a look at some of the cool public political art/graffiti that is brushed the city over.

“Free For Ever”


Closer examination reveals that the mural was painted by Juliana’s brother. Didn’t realize Matt was tagging the North African coast! A more likely scenario: his zines are huge here; this is fan art. Love these faces.


Awesome anti-American mural.


What is the military up to?


Confusingly sweet Jan 25 mural. Appealing to the Saturday morning cartoon / Russel Crowe gladiator crowd…?


I can explain this one. In the political space opened by the Revolution there has been a proliferation of new parties. One of these new outfits is called the Renaissance Party. Like other newcomers to the game the party is fast trying to establish a political brand. Well, ask yourself this: Who is one of the best remembered Renaissance painters? Raphael. This is clearly a Renaissance Party campaign mural alluding to the modern Raphael, master of the sai. And the number 9? I got this. In each phase of the upcoming parliamentary election voting will take place in 9 governorates. Clearly part of a helpful voter education initiative.

al-Thawra al-Misreya Ninja Turtle = TMNT = Egyptian Revolution Ninja Turtle


This one is beautiful…


…and, mixed with the Pharaoh’s expression, sums up the situation in Egypt.

(And, on his nemes headdress where the asp is usually located… is that a gerber baby? And, if you want to get tru doom about it… does the gerber baby… have a gun in its mouth?!)


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