And Counting…

After two incredible, incredibly long days of voting in Alex, the ballot boxes were sealed with wax, stacked on trucks, and transported from the polling centers to the counting centers by a military convoy, accompanied by administrative clerks, party agents, and domestic observers.

A military truck pulls up to the gate of Ali Ibn al-Talab School, one of the last polling centers to close in Montaza.

Happy to transport the fruits of their hard work to the next stage.

Proud, tired poll workers ride with the ballot boxes.

We tailed the military ballot truck across the district to the polling center. The military driver figured he was entitled to the shortest possible route & cut across town the wrong way on a one-way thoroughfare. This created a quite unnecessary traffic jam! But, against the current of upset law-abiding drivers, our convoy prevailed.

Ballot boxes arrive at Victoria College counting center. The trucks push slowly through cheering throngs. Honest electoral staff, republican heroes.

The scene at Victoria College is semi-coordinated mayhem. Ballot boxes pour in from polling stations across the district. The attendant polling staff shift into tabulation mode, set up folding tables, and set to their task. The circus and its tent were bursting at the seams. When I toured this facility earlier in the week while it was being set up, the director explained the epic proportions of the counting process. “I hope you have plenty of coffee,” I said. “Barrels,” he joked, not joking.

One of four Alex counting centers: Absolutely bonkers.

Solid dudes.

Counting through the night...


...through dawn into the next day.

At nightfall when the boxes arrived, the crowds were going nuts/bananas, nearly forcing the military to halt the entire process. By morning, the trudge of long hours had subdued the mania.

You're almost there, baby!

Somewhere along the line, doomspirals appeared on live TV. This segment shows us at work (slightly staged!). Honestly, I haven’t watched the interview portion—not ready to see what variety of nonsense is said after being awake for 40 hours. Maybe tomorrow, after some rest. p.s. on the everyone-is-max-exhasted tip: this evening at a counting center in Smouha, the chief judge on the dais picked up the mic to defuse an argument among officials/party agents. “We are all brothers in this new election. Let us all speak kindly to one another. Like you, I have not gone home to sleep, I have not gone home to eat. All night I only ate cookies!

Rightly, he received a round of applause.

Last shot: one of the staff striking the counting tables at Smouha was sporting a quintessentially nonsense Egyptian shirt.

"Urban Nerds Carnival" What.


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