Craezy (Not Actually Craezy)

Several years back SoulJazz Records came out with another of its winning compilations, Miami Sound: Rare Funk & Soul from Miami, Florida 1967-74. Standing out among the jams was a killer cut by George McCrae called “I Get Lifted“. A cut cut from well funky cloth, suede corduroy. Sugar in the Raw. So, when several days ago I spied the original album from which the track got lifted, Rock Your Baby, I delivered the baby home in a brown paper tram, fed the disc onto the lazy susan, and let McCrae coo.

Whilst listening I noted a curious fact on the sleeve: every track was penned & performed by H.W. Casey & R. Finch. I asked Prof. Wiki for more info on this secret maestro, H.W. Casey and… no shit / holy moly: Casey is none other than the future KC—as in KC & the Sunshine Band! And R. Finch? Him the other white dude in the Sunshine Band! Snaz, you’re telling me that “I Get Lifted”, a cut as syncopated-funky as The Meters and earthy-smooth as Hi Records was cranked by two albino cats in 1970s Florida?? [Music is 1 family!]

Black men wore jean shorts before Reagan ruined America.


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