Would Have Been Stupid (part three)

From Pitchfork:

AS: We’ve only ever done two [TV shows]. But I don’t want to come off as judgmental. This is a musical world unlike any other before it. I don’t think it’s inherently wrong when bands do certain things– sometimes I’m really excited when I see a band has taken a big ad or sync. I’m like, “Awesome! They were all dirt broke a month ago, maybe they’ll get a new bass now.” And maybe there will come a time when things get fucked up for us, and we’ll be like, “OK, let’s do a sync, because we need to get a new van.”

VL: Sometimes it’s a gamble, but artists have to survive.


Pitchfork: Reading about the last album, you used the words “blossoming” and “flowery” to describe the sound. Why did you chose to title this one Bloom

AS: It’s funny that everyone’s obsessed with the idea that it has to do with flowers because we thought it sounded dark. The word is like an object– we were thinking “bloom,” “doom.”


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