“Checks & Balances” A Riveting One-Man Conceptual Theater Piece Now Playing in Downtown Cairo!

The Kind of Nonsense We’ve Got in Egypt, Episode 999:

The presidential election is to take place in less than two weeks and the Supreme Constitutional Court hasn’t decided whether the leading candidate is eligible. AND the Court hasn’t even decided if/when it will decide. Yeah, we’ll get back to you on that essential question… or maybe not!

The conspiracy theory had been that SCAF pressured the Presidential Electoral Committee (PEC) to overturn the post-revolution parliamentary law that prevented old Mubarak cronies from running for office—because their man (Ahmed Shafiq) would be excluded from the race. The NEW conspiracy theory is that Shafiq might lose (following widespread anger at the Mubarak verdict) so now the SCAF will pressure the Supreme Constitutional Court to reverse the PEC decision, and thus invalidate Shafiq’s candidacy, and thus cancel the elections. (Because the SCAF can’t tolerate the idea of a Muslim Brotherhood presidency.)

Of course, the High Constitutional Court and the Presidential Election Commission are both chaired by the same bogus dude! Shit, I feel like I’m living in the basement of the Denver International Airport!


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