Holy Smokes(creen)! Did you see Mubarak escape from prison in plain sight?! Faked his death and snuck right out the front door to a swank suburban hospital. Puts Dillinger & David Blaine to shame. For those who dreamt that the SCAF generals were on the way out I present “The Boys Are Back In Town” off the Thin Lizzy album… Jailbreak.


BTW: Was just making a dumb joke about Al-catraz but now the internet tells me that—like al-cohol & al-gebra—Alcatraz is a word of Arabic extraction, meaning “the pelicans”. (The Arabs conquer Spain and its language, the Spanish romp through California and give name to a rocky island, the island becomes an infamous prison and a set location for the movie Face/Off, Face/Off becomes a huge hit in Arabian lands… is this what T.Westberg was talking about when he was singing about “History’s Hiss”?)


3 Responses to “Al-Catraz”

  1. doomspirals Says:

    If you wanna get weirder, “Alcatraz” comes from the Spanish for “pelicans” but is derived from the Arabic al-qatras, a variety of eagle. And what is the national symbol of Egypt & the bird emblazoned on the Egyptian flag? The Eagle. Now who’s connecting dots that don’t exist??

  2. Aaron Darklord Says:


    This looks like some stuff by this weird guy in the IT department at my old job in Portland:

    So, does this web page actually cover doom metal or wut?

  3. Drakkar Noir [Dark Arts Now] « Doom Spirals Says:

    […] morning I was revisiting Mubarak’s super slick jailbreak from Tora Prison and I stumbled onto a coded message I shouldn’t have missed. Recall: Mubarak was on trial […]

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