Opening (The Wiccan Gates) Ceremony

What was most wonderful about Danny “Slamdog” Boyle’s artistic direction of the Olympic Opening Ceremony was that he took this unprecedented opportunity—a television audience of 1 billion, unlimited artistic budget—to boldly share with the world the unique cultural identity of the British Isles. Above, he generously grants his global audience a sight rarely seen: an insider’s view of the pagan sleep ritual of a gigantic ghoul baby idol (possibly Welsh?) performed by a coven of nurses encircled by a protective ring of imitative devotees each praying that the toddler god (Todd) grants divine sleep / safe passage through the Moon’s Journey, thus protecting their vulnerable souls from GrimBone DarkPuppet (below) who wields the corruptive power of Night Mist with his vulture leg wand and a silken hijab.

Sike, this was his audition to direct the Spinal Tap sequel.


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