You’re The One For Me, Fatih

Last month doomspirals happily happened to be in Turkey during the Istanbul Jazz Festival, which, incidentally, owing to Ataturk’s alphabet, is the Istanbul “Caz” Festival. To sweeten this coincidence of our visit, a certain friend of the blog happened to be headlining the festival.

Morrissey was performing at an outdoor amphitheater and a wise friend knew of a hilltop plaza perched above the venue where we might sprawl and enjoy the musics & an few beers bottles. Though we couldn’t quite see the stage, the tunes travelled up the hill krystal klear, and we could even make out Moz’s rather stunning monologues. (“I’m in Istanbul again… and my arse is in the air… so climb aboard!”)

At a few points Moz modified his lyrics, including “Shoplifters of the World”, where “But last night the plans of a future war | Was all I saw on Channel Four” became “Last night the plans for future war | With Syria | Is all I saw.” Topical!

Not being able to see the stage, I didn’t realize how Full On Mid East Moz’s entourage had gone. Check the video at :20. The badass drummer has two bass drums, each emblazoned with the Turkish flag, and is wearing a red t-shirt with white iron-on letters that read: ASSAD IS SHIT.

Luvnit. [Which reminds me of my new British pop band Luvin It ’s debut album, “Luv Innit?”]



TOTALLY unrelated: Yesterday the NYT’s website seemed insistent that I read an interview with Rashida Jones. OK, whatever, she is American Cultural Royalty (Twin Peaks + Thriller) so I duly clicked. Whatever. The intro paragraph mentioned a comment from Ms. Jones: “My pet peeve and my goal in life is to somehow get an adjective for ‘integrity’ in the dictionary,” she said, going on to explain: “ ‘Truthful’ doesn’t really cover it, or ‘genuine.’ It should be like ‘integritus.’”

Whatever, ok, no big. BUT. Then. Later that night I was making banana bread and listening to a random public radio story about a 9-year-old boy trying to rescue the doom’d City of Detroit through popcorn & lemonade entrepreneurship. Whatever, still. But then his dad, asked to appraise his son’s mission, said “I think what he’s doing is just so integrous”.

There it is. A small coincidence. One of life’s top 10k tiny pleasures.


2 Responses to “You’re The One For Me, Fatih”

  1. doomspirals Says:

    BTW, we know how bummed Strugar gets about the softness of the jams on this site, so for his benefit I suppose we should throw out this link:

    Check the vocals at around :40. (Is that the “chorus”?) Let the heavyness wash over you!

  2. digdukeatdugdogsdotdinin Says:

    Red Flag

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