Crack o’ the Bat

Honestly & Obviously I have nothing to say about the new single from B.o.B., “Play the Guitar”. (Feel silly even typing “new single” as if I’m familiar with the chronology of B.oB.’s oeuvre.) HOWEVER, I can report the sincere smile that overtook my face at :55 where the song is punctuated with the crisp crack of an baseball being bat-hit. Not because I’m a Ken Burns false nostalgist for the smell of freshly cut grass, but because the same sound effect opens “Life Coach”, the hit track off My Mind’s Path Masher. Very love it. How do we know it’s the hit? I suspect that’s the droll joak of the sound effect?

My Mind, “A New Man, My Life Coach, He Shine”  [+an equally good demo version.]

&, come to think of it, the crack of the bat also is featured in the best opera since Wagner. $100,000 to xe who can find it.


**I’m at liberty to say that Path Masher was mine fav’rite album of 2009/ever as I’m the 1/3 of here brog not in the band.


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