The Rood



The postmodernist viewer is… called upon to do the impossible, namely, to see all the screens at once, in their radical and random difference; such a viewer is asked to follow the evolutionary mutation of David Bowie in The Man Who Fell to Earth (who watches fifty-seven television screens simultaneously) and to rise somehow to a level at which the vivid perception of radical difference is in and of itself a new mode of grasping what used to be called relationship: something for which the word collage is still only a very feeble name.



[T. Morris was on the horn the other night talking about the Nicholas Roeg film, and this was the quote I was grasping after.]

1. After completing the sci-fi film, Bowie recorded “TVC 15” which was inspired by a hallucinatory episode in which Iggy Pop, ingesting max drugs at Bowie’s house, believed that his girlfriend had been eaten by the television screen.

2. “TVC 15” is the fourth stop along Station to Station, the title of which alludes to the Stations of the Cross. Your tour guide to the Via Dolorosa can be found below.

Tanky Contemplates the ‘Way of Sorrows’


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