Don’t ask why I was watching Jay Leno last night!

Earlier this week Joe Nocero had a column about the new list of “Forbes 400 Richest Americans”. It included this devastating couplet of facts:

In the last year alone, the cumulative net worth of the wealthiest 400 people, by Forbes’s calculation, rose by $200 billion. [Pause to ponder that figure!] That compares with a 4 percent drop in median household income last year, according to the Census Bureau. One would be hard pressed to find a clearer example of how powerfully income inequality has taken root.

Last night Jay Leno made a crack about Forbes’ list during his monologue that caught my ear / boiled my blood:

Forbes Magazine has come out with its annual list of the 400 Richest Americans. If it shows you how bad the economy is 200 hundred of them have moved back in with their parents!

AHHHH SO ULTIMATELY WILLFULLY OPPOSITE. Wealth inequality is so fucked up & destructive in this country, and Jay Leno (Jay Leno!) is so obscenely & flagrantly wealthy, that making mindless cracks about the social chasm is like making offhand jokes about———whoops, can’t complete the analogy because I just shot myself in the face!

The Parisian~Persian~Prowler shares with us a graph illustrating the share of income taken by the top 1% since 1967 (from this recent report in the Journal of Economic Literature). Oops, they took nearly 25% in 2007!

As Refused said, “I’ve got a bone to pick with Jay Leno / And a few to break”


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