After Republicans lose the presidential election several things will happen on the stupid TV. First there will be a scramble for excuses. Much of this will be borne of anguished disappointment, but for many key players & talking heads there will be a compelling self-interest in naming a scapegoat. (Can you imagine a sweaty Karl Rove explaining to his SuperPAC donors that their $300,000,000 just went up in smoke?—better start scapegoating pronto!) But as attention turns toward governing, there will be an argument from the right that the election did not confer “a broad mandate”.

Because, y’know, Obama’s coalition will be comprised of a strong majority of only Hispanics, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, single women, educated urban whites, etc. But he only captured perhaps 30% of the general white vote—y’know, the votes that really count.




White Supremacy Update: Here is one of several round-ups of Rage Blanche that you might read. Instead of couching bigotry in terms of “there is no mandate”, Das KKKrazy Arseholes are bounding 9 steps ahead and saying “there is no America”. “The white establishment is now the minority,” O’Reilly says, “It’s not a traditional America anymore.” Or, more succinctly, Victoria Jackson’s appraisal of the election:


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