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Taking It All Back

April 30, 2013



New Eyes for Old News

September 28, 2012

Our brainy chum & co-brogger T.—who looks to be the bearded baby had Oliver Reed & Alan Bates conceived during the wrestling scene in Women In Love—has recently produced an crucial video essay.

The essay explores the relationship between Image and Revolution through a sustained examination of the documentary images of the Arab Spring.

Pivotal & dramatic moments of the Arab Spring were viewed globally by millions through live satellite feeds, and we are often told that the revolutionary impulse was driven by these images as they spread across youtube & twitter & facebook &tc.

How should we, a distant audience, understand these images? What exactly do they capture? The spirit of the revolutionary moment?

Central concerns for those who wish to document/study social change. Central concerns for those interested in the power/impotence of political art. In our worlb that is so often mediated by imagery & experienced vicariously through screens of one sort or another, this b necessary commentary.

Program Note: No is lunch break cat video; the essay establishes its argument gradually, diligently over 15 minutes. PREFERRED VIEWING SETTING = INCAN STONE TEMPLE CONVERTED TO MEDIA LABORATORY

Heartbreak Hotel

September 12, 2011

Independent Music

June 21, 2011

Tim Maia, the great Brazilian soul singer, was an huge personality. Impulsive, indulgent, independent, his bio is filled with all manner of amusing insanity. As a teenager drawn to American R&B, he conned a local priest into buying him an airline ticket to the States and lied his way past immigration officials in order to form a vocal group in New York… only to be arrested & deported for stealing a car in Florida. Later, when he was wealthy & famous and getting injured fighting a hawk (in his underwear, in his apartment) and test-firing a machine gun (in his underwear, in his apartment) he got deeper into drugs and tried to “‘open the minds’ of the uptight employees at his record label, Philips, with a sheet of acid brought back from a trip to London.” He “approached each and every Philips employee, beginning with the accounting department, which needed more immediate ‘salvation’…”

Several years later, on a bonkers mescaline trip, Tim came across a book on a friend’s coffee table, Universe in Disenchantment, became entranced, and fell deep into the cult of Rational Energy. He now saw his musical career as a vehicle to proselytize on behalf of “Rational Immunization”. During this “rational” phase, Tim produced a series of albums, including the slammin’ double-album, Racional Vol. 1 and Racional Vol. 2, which is where I first heard his music. (The music for these albums was actually recorded before his conversion—he simply erased all the vocal tracks and wrote new lyrics.) Before band practice, Tim demanded that his band members read at least 30 pages of Universe in Disenchantment. He was so convinced of the book’s universal power that he sent a version (in Portuguese) to James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, and John Lennon. John Lennon responded with a photograph of himself completely naked + a note: “Dear freak, I don’t understand Portuguese. What about LISTEN to this photo? John Lennon”.

One of mine fav tracks on Racional Vol. 1 is called “Guiné Bissau, Moçambique E Angola”. I presume it’s about the solidarity & brotherhood between the former Portuguese colonies, but I’m not sure. (I mean, if I spoke Portuguese I wouldn’t be blogging right now… or on the internet ever again.) A few days ago I happily came across another geography jam, “Rodésia”, released in 1976, several years before their independence. (Though a British possession, Rhodesia was influenced by the independence movement in nearby Mozambique and much of the Rhodesian opposition eventually was based in Mozambique.) Now I’m just waiting to find a cut about Timor Leste! Anyhow, thought I’d upload both the post-colonial jams.

Guiné Bissau, Moçambique E Angola” (1975)

Rodésia” (1976)


The above quotes are from Allen Thayer’s article, “Soul Searching”, in Wax Poetics No. 36


Two for Tuesday (Part Two)(Adderall Edition)

August 24, 2010


The System, “Don’t Disturb this Groove” (1987) [Big Ups to Ben Rollman!]


Earlier this year G-Side put out a mixtape, Huntsville International, that had some real colorful bangers (including me & Durnan’s favorite club chorus in recent memory–& perhaps Tristan ibn Mutti’s theme song for next semester) as well as  some smoove numbers. One of those smoove jamns is a cover of a Ben Rollman classik and contender for best cover song / song to cover of the year.

[If yr heartbeats are accelerating & y’r protective of yr groove, you must’ve been to see Laugier]

Two for Tuesday (Adderall Edition)

August 24, 2010


Zoo time is she and you time
The mammals are your favorite type, and you want her tonight
Heartbeat, increasing heartbeat


Love, love, where can you be?

Love, I am waiting

Heartbeats accelerating

[1. Sparks “This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us”; 2. Kate & Anna McGarrigle, “Heartbeats Accelerating”]

Horton: Here’s a… huh?

June 16, 2010

Scott Horton has taken it to the next level over on his Harper’s blog. His new entry has no text, only a title: Obama as Frodo.

Most plaussible explanation: Listening to Obama’s Oval Office speech last night, taking bong hits while listening to “Ramble On” by Zeppelin, Scotty started thinking about his favorite subjects: Guantanamo, Central Asian despots, George F. Will, the Office of Legal Council in DOJ… then when Robert Plant started wailing on that crazy bit about “Twas in the darkest depths of Mordor / I met a girl so fair / But Gollum, and the evil one, crept up / And slipped away with her” it all made sense: Gollum was John Yoo/Jay Bybee, and Bybee is like BP, and [now looking back to his TV] only Obama (Frodo) is in the position to…  oh shit!

Dude, I’ve been there myself! I wish I didn’t have this day job so I could PARTY IN THE CENTER OF THE EARTH!!! Keep bloggin’!

Princess Mononoke: A Highlight

March 26, 2010

Greenberg’s diagnosis

February 26, 2010

Look who stole Maurice’s talking points from the talking show!

Greenberg basically regards the pathologizing of melancholy and despair, and the invention of pills designed to relieve people of those feelings, as a vast capitalist conspiracy to paste a big smiley face over a world that we have good reason to feel sick about. The aim of the conspiracy is to convince us that it’s all in our heads, or, specifically, in our brains—that our unhappiness is a chemical problem, not an existential one. Greenberg is critical of psychopharmacology, but he is even more critical of cognitive-behavioral therapy, or C.B.T., a form of talk therapy that helps patients build coping strategies, and does not rely on medication. He calls C.B.T. “a method of indoctrination into the pieties of American optimism, an ideology as much as a medical treatment.”

Way to go Professor/Dr Greenberg!

The quote is from dis New Yawker article. That Menand does pretty well.