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For the mayor mr rob ford

November 3, 2013



All good things to those who wait

July 4, 2013

Last night PBS aired a cool documentary on Mount Rushmore & its creation. The program ended with an incredible quote from the ever-intense sculptor/designer/engineer/promoter of the monument, Gutzon Borglum:

I am allowing an extra three inches on all the features of the various Presidents in order to provide stone for the wear and tear of the elements, which cuts the granite down one inch every 100,000 years. Three inches would require 300,000 years to bring the work down to the point that I would like to finish it. In other words, the work will not be done for another 300,000 years, as it should be.


Andes Gloom Tune

January 25, 2011

When was the last time you checked in on the lyrics of the Peruvian national anthem? From a WSJ article:

Over the past decade, Julio César Rivera Dávalos has spent more than $100,000 of his savings, put his consulting business on hold and endured blistering personal attacks to advance a lonely cause: changing Peru’s epic downer of a national anthem.

The 69-year-old auditor has traveled up and down the Andes Mountains giving talks assailing the song and its gloomy first verse, which starts, “For a long time, the oppressed Peruvian dragged the ominous chain.”

Dragged the ominous chain?!

Full verse:

For a long time the oppressed Peruvian
Dragged the ominous chain;
Condemned to cruel servitude
He moaned for a long time in silence.
But as soon as the sacred cry of
“Freedom!” was heard on the coasts,
He shook off the indolence of slavery,
He raised his humiliated neck.

NYT gone irie

August 20, 2010

According to the NYT, some number of Wyclef Jean’s fans are stoked about the prospect of Wyclef running for president. Seems, too, that the NYT’s grammar is caught up in the Caribbean enthusiasm:

Haiti waited anxiously on Friday for an announcement on whether Wyclef Jean, the hip-hop star, will be allowed to run for president of the country that he left as a child for the United States…

But with reports already circulating that he been barred from running, some tensions were evident.

He been barred, mon. Copy editors be jammin.

Right on time

April 21, 2010

I’d be pleased if you were pleased by favoritest song of the week, “Love’s Miracle” by The Impressions.

Like a miracle, love came, and it was right on time

This one really happens on the headphones. Almost can’t believe how good those drums sound. And Curtis Mayfield’s voice isn’t so shabby either. ((The tune is reminiscent of another ultimate favr’ite.))


April 11, 2010


“Weather outside is wild” Pt. 2

April 2, 2010

No body told me that it’s supposed to get up into the “early 80s” today! Sprangtime is in a dagmon frenzy! Gonna have to recalibrate our reggae playlist to reflect Ma Nature wylin out:

Linval Thomson “Look How Me Sexy”

“Weather outside is just wild; Springtime is in a frenzy”

April 2, 2010

No use in fighting it any more, it’s time to get seasonally serious about reggae. Please to get realistic about this track, a smooth real spunker from one my fav’rite reggae groups, Carlton & The Shoes.

Give Me Little More

Kate and Anna McGarrigle – Live, 1981

March 10, 2010

We Gather Up All the Countries’ Flags and We Burn Them

February 9, 2010

RE: Aesthetics

Nice design job, Sami people! Derived from the shaman’s drum!

Fave Trax: Don’t Go Home With Your Hard-On

August 22, 2009


Ladies and gentlemen, Sasha Frere-Jones:

An unadorned style has served Cohen’s albums best, the voice clean and clearly audible. In 1977, for the album “Death of a Ladies’ Man,” Cohen’s uneasy collaboration with the producer Phil Spector—who excluded him from the final mixing sessions—resulted in a dreadful mix of pop, country, and some weird variant of disco. (Cohen later called it “grotesque.”)

I can only assume that “weird variant of disco” refers to this song. A turd for the argument.

Funniest Music

July 22, 2009

Three or four years ago, I made a mix CD for Neil Campbell and Nick Barbery called “Worst Music,” consisting mostly of really bad hardcore and other crap that I came across.

I had forgotten all about “Worst Music” until Neil refreshed my memory.

We had a nice laugh.

Social Psychology Quarterly, LV, pp. 70-77

December 6, 2008

“Oddly, when a male chess-player is easily defeated by a manifestly more powerful opponent his testosterone level is unaltered, but when he is narrowly defeated after a struggle in which he has performed with significantly greater boldness and subtlety, his testosterone level falls sharply and that of his opponent rises equally sharply.”

This is a reverse caption contest. Please submit a picture that best suits the above “caption” (scientific wisdom). Self-portraits will not be considered eligible.

Manhattan Downtown Music Scene

October 21, 2008
The members of the band Gang Gang Dance never wanted to be a band exactly, let alone a trendy band. Formed around 2000, incubated on the Lower East Side, they were opposed to the new wave of downtown rock having its New York moment at the time.

“We were really grossed out by a lot of the guys in leather jackets walking around Ludlow Street, and the aesthetic of the Strokes representing New York,” said Lizzi Bougatsos, Gang Gang Dance’s lead singer. The group — Josh Diamond, the guitarist; Brian DeGraw, the keyboardist and electronic maestro; and Tim DeWit, the original drummer — saw themselves as experimentalists, building a cult following over the years for their largely improvised shows.

Ms. Bougatsos is ready for the attention. “There’s no such thing as selling out in my mind,” she said, adding that she would love to have her music featured on a TV show soundtrack: “A Jeep commercial, a tampon commercial, anything,” she said. “We’re a band, we make music, and that’s what we want to be known for.”

If not the unapologetic allegiance to capitalism, what exactly about The Strokes’ aesthetic was so gross? The leather jackets?

Fave Trax:: French Reggae/{pinggyback}

August 9, 2008


no, non, no –

needs Best French Reggae Ever.




Fave Trax

August 1, 2008

John Cale and Brian Eno – One Word

Kate and Anna McGarrigle – Complainte Pour Ste. Catherine

Rufus Wainwright (w/Antony Hegarty) – Old Whore’s Diet