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For the mayor mr rob ford

November 3, 2013



Stevie Wonder: Working

August 6, 2013


The Shape of Things to Come?

May 18, 2013

Polydome Institute-of-Terrestrial-Ec

Benny Andersson Wearing a Maple Leafs Jersey

May 11, 2013



Maybe this will help somehow? I care about the hockey playoffs to the extent that they relate to ABBA.


February 17, 2013


Kill Yourself, the “painting”

February 7, 2013


Nancy Dwyer
American, born 1954

Kill Yourself, 1989
Vinyl paint on canvas
70 x 90 inches (177.8 x 228.6 cm)

What a god wants

January 15, 2013


D Spiral Staircase

December 29, 2012

D Spiral Staircase

Our appropriately appointed Paris bureau.


October 19, 2012

Wittgenstein’s intellectual asceticism had a great influence on the philosophers of the English-speaking world. It narrowed the scope of philosophy by excluding ethics and aesthetics. At the same time, his personal asceticism enhanced his credibility. During World War II, he wanted to serve his adopted country in a practical way. Being too old for military service, he took a leave of absence from his academic position in Cambridge and served in a menial job, as a hospital orderly taking care of patients. When I arrived at Cambridge University in 1946, Wittgenstein had just returned from his six years of duty at the hospital. I held him in the highest respect and was delighted to find him living in a room above mine on the same staircase. I frequently met him walking up or down the stairs, but I was too shy to start a conversation. Several times I heard him muttering to himself: “I get stupider and stupider every day.”


Finally, toward the end of my time in Cambridge, I ventured to speak to him. I told him I had enjoyed reading the Tractatus, and I asked him whether he still held the same views that he had expressed twenty-eight years earlier. He remained silent for a long time and then said, “Which newspaper do you represent?” I told him I was a student and not a journalist, but he never answered my question.


Wittgenstein’s response to me was humiliating, and his response to female students who tried to attend his lectures was even worse. If a woman appeared in the audience, he would remain standing silent until she left the room. I decided that he was a charlatan using outrageous behavior to attract attention. I hated him for his rudeness. Fifty years later, walking through a churchyard on the outskirts of Cambridge on a sunny morning in winter, I came by chance upon his tombstone, a massive block of stone lightly covered with fresh snow. On the stone was written the single word, “WITTGENSTEIN.”



Nine Tease

October 11, 2012

Last month Matchbox 20 and Dave Matthews Band had albums that debuted at #1. And Cat Power and Dinosaur Jr released critically lauded albums. And Bill Clinton was a crowd favorite at the Democratic National Convention. But Rolling Stone took 90s Retro to the pinnacle:

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before

September 27, 2012

“Whereas, on the twenty-second day of September, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-two, a proclamation was issued by the President of the United States, containing, among other things, the following, to wit:”

Last Saturday was the 150th anniversary of Lincoln presenting the Emancipation Proclamation to his cabinet. However, according to historian Harold Holzer, Lincoln didn’t just jump right to the main dish at that momentous wartime cabinet meeting. Instead, Lincoln opened the session with a reading from his favorite joke book. !LoL! ENDING SLAVERY ICE-BREAKER, anyone?! Lincoln was ROTFL; Secretary of War Edwin Stanton was less amused. Jah tracked down the humorous reading at the library… can’t even tell what level it’s on! Maybe I like it!? 1860s Laffs…

From Artemus Ward, His Book

High-Handed Outrage at Utica

In the Faul of 1856, I showed my show in Uticky, a trooly grate sitty in the State of New York.

The people gave me a cordyal recepshun. The press was loud in her prases.

1 day as I was givin a descripshun of my Beests and Snaiks in my usual flowry stile what was my skorn disgust to see a big burly feller walk up to the cage containin my wax figgers of the Lord’s Last Supper, and cease Judas Iscarrot by the feet and drag him out on the ground. He then commenced fur to pound him as hard as he cood.

“What under the son are you abowt?” cried I.

Sez he, “What did you bring this pussylanermus cuss here fur?” and he hit the wax figger another tremenjis blow on the hed.

Sez I, “You egrejus ass, that air’s a wax figger–a representashun of the false ‘Postle.”

Sez he, “That’s all very well fur you to say, but I tell you, old man, that Judas Iscarrot can’t show hisself in Utiky with impunerty by a darn site!” with which observashun he kaved in Judassis hed. The young man belonged to 1 of the first famerlies in Utiky. I sood him, and the Joory brawt in a verdick of Arson in the 3d degree.

Continue Reading: Bonus Nonsense


September 4, 2012

From a review of the new Deerhoof album, which offers criticism of lead singer Satomi Matsuzaki:

It makes me wonder if someone with a looser, more impulsive style– say the Fall’s Mark E. Smith– might fare better with Deerhoof’s more repetitive jams.

Great advice. You know what would improve yr experimental art-punk band…? How about the lead singer of The Fall?

The review in general was pretty good, but the word choice might’ve been better if it was written by Flaubert.

Booke 1, Page 1 of “The Consolation of Philosophy”

August 25, 2012


June 8, 2012

Would Have Been Stupid (part three)

May 10, 2012

From Pitchfork:

AS: We’ve only ever done two [TV shows]. But I don’t want to come off as judgmental. This is a musical world unlike any other before it. I don’t think it’s inherently wrong when bands do certain things– sometimes I’m really excited when I see a band has taken a big ad or sync. I’m like, “Awesome! They were all dirt broke a month ago, maybe they’ll get a new bass now.” And maybe there will come a time when things get fucked up for us, and we’ll be like, “OK, let’s do a sync, because we need to get a new van.”

VL: Sometimes it’s a gamble, but artists have to survive.


Pitchfork: Reading about the last album, you used the words “blossoming” and “flowery” to describe the sound. Why did you chose to title this one Bloom

AS: It’s funny that everyone’s obsessed with the idea that it has to do with flowers because we thought it sounded dark. The word is like an object– we were thinking “bloom,” “doom.”

Boy George

March 16, 2012

A small soundtrack to leaven our reading of the news from Syria.

George Wassouf, “El Hawa Sultan“, from his 1984 album of the same name. This track was cut when George was a young teenager performing in Al-Kafroun. The boy is feeling it! (I’m going to guess that his maximum tite band is, however, composed of adults—unless there’s some mystic tween arab orchestra we don’t know about.) I’m not entirely sure what wee George is crooning about, but I believe he’s explaining that love is the sultan of the heart. Tru Dat! Romance in Ottoman Lands!

[For all the tanzimat kidz who prefer something a touch more modern, check this bonKers spaz-pop from Hoda, “Zakya Ya Zakya“. Babies gurgling, robots burping, twelve dozen drummers & synth players on Libyan trucker speed, and when the band starts chanting “Basha / Basha / Basha” we come full circle to our shared Ottoman heritage!


Apologies, just noticed that we had typed “check this boners spaz-pop”. Should have read bonkers. We regret this error?! Freud is in tha buildingz!

Fleeting Satisfaction?

February 4, 2012


November 18, 2011

Old News

November 18, 2011

This is what Occupy Toronto looked like on the first day:

And here is what it looked like on Tuesday, when they thought they were getting kicked out at midnight:

11-11-11 w/Full Moon

November 13, 2011