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This post may not be for you if you’re not down with Becky St. Germain

September 30, 2011

The back page of the TLS features a diary-like column called NB. The weekly column—essentially a blog du papier—is filled out with the informal, sometimes droll, often disapproving observations of an Professional Book Worm. Occasionally evidence is presented that the author has been out-of-doors during the week, but mostly him reflects on him’s text-based pets & peeves. ANYWAY. Mine eyes opened wide with amusement when I read this week’s column about his fav parlor game….

From time to time, as part of the effort to cut out the second Babycham before dinner, we fall to compiling lists. Readers with long memories might recall our attempt to find a book for each letter of the alphabet: “A” by Luis Zukofsky; From A to B and Back Again, Andy Warhol; C, Peter Reading… G, John Berger; H, Robert Graves… and so on down to Z by Vassilis Vassilikos, via The L-Shaped Room, pausing only to Dial M for Murder.

The other evening, we picked up The Two Faces of January by Patricia Highsmith, which made us think of the recent novel February by Lisa Moore… [you see where he’s going…]

Soon we’ll get round to plays on days of the week… Then what? How about film titles with numbers from one to ten, starting with The Wild One?

Sir, are you referring to the Movie Numbers Game?! What if I blew yr mynde and told you that such a game not only exists, but is played at the highest level?! Clearly, the author has never seen the documentary Spring Breakdown and has never dreamed of attending Make Your Own Pizza Night—the only evening more fun than Friday Stay-At-Home Karaoke. If he had, he’d know he is welcome to enjoy his second Babycham from a puffy-painted plastic goblet.

"...and 10---we did it!"


End Time

September 21, 2011




Heartbreak Hotel

September 12, 2011

Friday Blues Pt. 2

September 10, 2011

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September 4, 2011


btw learn howta format yer quicktimes jeez pal.