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An few snapshots from Jan 25

January 28, 2012

Near Tahrir. In general these days, Egyptian stencil art is off the chain.

Take a look at the fuggin sea wall the pigs erected by my alma matter. The three rascals on the left were wearing those awful Guy Fawkes masks. God, I hate those things.

Dang, I bet the military regrets giving Tim Westberg’s Imagination an artists visa!

Everything I’ve ever tried to say.



Atlas Freakd

January 15, 2012

Jah spend a lot of time in Egyptian public schools. Best thing, each is painted up and decorated by the students. Stuff can get wacky. Apparently, Egyptian kids are working on cover art submissions for the new My Mind and Society Problem albums.

The above is sand art. The below is bonkers vinyl.


January 11, 2012


Crucial cafe mural.

Marsa Matrouh, Egypt