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Opening (The Wiccan Gates) Ceremony

July 31, 2012

What was most wonderful about Danny “Slamdog” Boyle’s artistic direction of the Olympic Opening Ceremony was that he took this unprecedented opportunity—a television audience of 1 billion, unlimited artistic budget—to boldly share with the world the unique cultural identity of the British Isles. Above, he generously grants his global audience a sight rarely seen: an insider’s view of the pagan sleep ritual of a gigantic ghoul baby idol (possibly Welsh?) performed by a coven of nurses encircled by a protective ring of imitative devotees each praying that the toddler god (Todd) grants divine sleep / safe passage through the Moon’s Journey, thus protecting their vulnerable souls from GrimBone DarkPuppet (below) who wields the corruptive power of Night Mist with his vulture leg wand and a silken hijab.

Sike, this was his audition to direct the Spinal Tap sequel.


America is Killing its Youth

July 31, 2012



Ghost Rider (live @ Max’s KC 1976)

Keep Your Dreams (orig. version)